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Sep 29, 2011

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid Dreaming, also known as Dream Yoga has been practised for thousands of years The original teachings of dream yoga from the Tibetans were traditionally maintained as secret teachings, both as a sign of respect and as a protection against dilution through the misunderstanding of unprepared practitioners. They were never taught publicly nor given lightly, but were reserved for individuals who had prepared to receive them. Today dream yoga A.K.A Lucid Dreaming is now at the for front of western minds delving deeper into the divine intelligence that is available. 
For the practitioner that has never heard of Lucid Dreaming before, it's when one is fully conscious of being in the dream state and can relay and remember his physical life fully knowing that he or she is sleeping in a warm comfy bed simultaneously. Once lucidity has been triggered the practitioner can do just about anything he or she desires, all by the power of thought! 
Many beginners enjoy flying or having a sexual encounter with a celebrity to start with! 
It is all about being able to control your dreams instead of letting dreams control you.

At some point or another most people have experienced this phenomena. Maybe they forgot about it or didn't realise.
In time this wonderful phenomena of the mind can be developed and maintained so that you can frequently lucid dream when needed and discover more and more about your true inner self.
Wether or not you are spiritual doesn't matter because the more you discover what lucid dreaming can offer, the more you will get to know your inner self on a much deeper level, and that can't be a bad thing! Lucid Dreaming is a doorway for true inner discovery. 

It can also bring you many benefits and can open doors to astonishing possibilities both in the physical and dream world. 
Here is a short list of some things I've achieved in lucidity:

Meet deceased loved ones
Gain teachings with spirit guides/guardian angles
Face inner dark fears
Receive premonitions of future events
Attain a real sense of wellbeing in your life
Receive healing both Physical and Spiritual
Send healing to a loved one
Teleport yourself to ANYWHERE!
Experience flying
Discover new special powers like a super hero
No fear of death
Increased psychic abilities (In your physical and dream life)
Ask your subconscious mind questions about yourself
Manifest dream food and dream drink all by the power of thought!

As time goes on and the more you practise, your lucid dreams will become more vivid and elaborate and somehow will gain more meaning. What I personally found out for me was a great heightened sense of spirituality and love for my life. When I finally discovered that the human body is more than just flesh, bones and electrical impulses shooting across the brain, I found that the mind is mirrored both in real life and in the dream world. How I perceived things made my interactions much more deeper and meaningful. My appreciation for everyone and every situation that I encountered has heightened to an excellent state of consciousness. 

There seems to be a common pattern when people discover this fine art. You finally realise that you can achieve many things with your mind in the dream state, then you will have fun conjuring up anything you may desire and you will set out yourself a series of goals. Objectives that you always thought of but never would have dreamt of (excuse the pun!) Until now... 

I will talk about the goal setting technique amongst many others in further detail in my future posts.
This will train your subconscious mind into knowing it has to be motivated in achieving something... Whatever it may be... 

Please share some of your experiences and thoughts with Lucid Dreaming.. Any questions? Please ask!

Happy Dreaming!



At September 30, 2011 at 12:53 AM , Blogger Nick Barrett said...

Hey everyone, Please leave comments and let me know your experiences so far with fantastic lucid dreaming... or any other dreams you may need interpreting.



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