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Oct 10, 2011

The Perfect LUCID DREAMING Supplement

Would you like a 'High-Level' Lucid Dream or O.B.E just by taking a certain supplement with almost guaranteed results? 

If you answered 'yes' then you are now ready to expand your consciousness to the next level and finally get the results you deserve!

This is the supplement that iv'e gladly got acquainted with recently...


This has become known as the 
“lucid dreaming pill.” Galantamine is an alkaloid synthesized from 
the red spider lily plant.
It appears to increase lucidity drastically by promoting an important neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. 

This is taken from Wikipedia:
Some people who practice lucid dream (LD) or out-of-body experience (OBE) use galantamine to increase their odds to achieve LD or OBE. By taking small amount of galantamine (around 4 to 8 mg) after five to six hours of deep sleep and practice an induction technique such as meditation, MILD or WILD many people report more success with galantamine.
There are also reports claiming that taking galantamine without proper induction technique will not lead to LD or OBE but will result in only a vivid dream instead. It should also be noted that, due to a long half-life, galantamine will stay in the body for a period of up to and over 48 hours. As such, it is advisable to space out the use of galantamine over a period of three days so that the body does not build a resistance to the drug, ruining its effectiveness.

My Experience
Right now I'm using a Galatamine blend with Choline (4mg Galantamine/200mg Choline-per capsule) called 'Lucid Dreamer'.
The first night I tried this I had no idea what to expect! I was a little apprehensive so I decided to calm my 'nerves of the unknown' and meditate in bed my intention prior to falling asleep. 
From what I've researched, greater results can be achieved when Galantamine is taken after 4-5 hours of good, restful sleep. This is because your body sleeps at its deepest time during the first half of the night and the supplement extends your REM period which is naturally experienced in the second half of the night. 
So taking Galantamine before you go to bed would leave you in a restless 'tossing and turning' state which clearly would leave you with no rest for your body and offer you extreme crankiness the next day! 
For me, I took the capsules at 4:00 AM in the morning after having 4.5 hours sleep, I had 8mg of Galantamine Premixed with 400mg of Choline (2 capsules). I then meditated for 20 mins in bed, stating again my intention to be lucid and firmly setting my mood to positivity, belief and love. 
I then laid on my back and started to recite my mantra for 15 mins, 
"When I Dream,  I  Will Know I'm Dreaming..." 

After this I turned on my right side...
{The Tibetans believe that in order to gain great spiritual wisdom and to make your energy body be most effective, they would lay on the right side (if you're male) and the left side if you're female. This is because your central energy channel is much more compressed when on the correct side thus giving you extra peak metaphysical energy and wisdom to achieve what is to be achieved}. 
During the death of Buddha, he laid on his right side just before he departed to Nirvana.

I then fell into the 'mid-state sleep' (Further detail on this below) and felt the traditional paralysis wave come over me. I then relaxed all the way through it whilst hearing woosh sounds and felt extreme vibrations throughout my physical body! I then finally 'popped out' of my body (I will post details on O.B.Es soon) .
From being free from my physical body I then translocated my consciousness to an unknown random location by using intention. I appeared in this beautiful scenic landscape filled with luscious green trees fully aware and conscious. 
As I stood there in amazement I was overlooking megalithic mountains surrounded by an enchanted evergreen forest with crystal blue water lakes. There were many people there all having the same 'type' of experience as me. Some were talking, laughing and some were even flying (including me!). 
But most of all it was a peaceful and happy place where no fear could ever set in. 
This can be identified as, and is sometimes labelled as a 'higher astral plane'. 
This was truly a magnificent experience for me and I hope you can achieve this too! 
I've attained this high level state of consciousness once or twice before, and since I've discovered Galantamine, taking into account the natural teachings of my dream yoga, I can now safely and responsively visit these places all from 
'just a thought away'...

Please take into consideration
By keeping your awareness and staying with focus you're creating a perfect bridge to cross from the waking/dream state without falling asleep first. 
They call this a W.I.L.D (wake induced lucid dream). This can be a bit tricky at first if your not accustomed to it but in time will become second nature to you.
No doubt you will be feeling a little excited too, as I was when trying Galantamine the first time! But don't worry, this is highly normal and  can actually work tremendously in your favour!

How will being excited work in my favour?
You see, when you get excited you release a chemical in the brain known as 'Norepinephrine' and when combined with the Galantamine, which gives you increased Acetylcholine (ACh) levels, this as a result will give your dream REM period the BIGGEST BOOST EVER! It's the perfect cocktail for inducing high level states of lucidity! 

However there is a catch... 
These particular levels, rising at the same time can result in difficulty of drifting off...
Yeah, Yeah... I know what your thinking! Your probably wondering;
'How do I drift off and keep my awareness together at the same time?' 
Well it's simple, you find a balance of keeping your awareness and not be overly excited simultaneously. Feel as though your drifting off to a 'Mid-State sleep' pivoting on the edge of waking/dreaming and be fully relaxed in the moment with no fear.
This in turn will give you the sleep paralysis state and essentially, if successful will bring a 'wake induced lucid dream'.

What if I fall asleep before?
If you fall asleep before, don't worry! Chances are you will become immediately emersed in a very vivid dream, either instantly realising you're lucid or you'll be very susceptible to being triggered into lucidity. 

Can I combine anything with Galantamine?
There are many different supplements you can combine naturally with Galantamine to give you different levels of high lucidity. 
Thomas Yuschak, author of 'Advanced Lucid Dreaming' 
is a fantastic read to the passionate lucid dreamer and gives you incredible information in how to take Galantamine safely and what works well when combining it with other supplements. 
I will elaborate on this regarding combining supplements in a future blog.

To buy Galantamine/Choline blend- 'Lucid Dreamer' click on picture:

Leave any questions and please follow my blog!
 Thanks and happy dreaming,
Nick Barrett


At July 18, 2012 at 1:59 AM , Blogger hlgrv said...

Is this stuff safe? (As far as I know Galantamine is for curing Alzheimer.) Any side effects, any risks?

At July 18, 2012 at 5:21 AM , Blogger Nick Barrett said...

Hi Higrv, Thanks for your question, and yes I can guarantee that taking Galantamine is completely safe. I can confirm that they treat Alzheimer patients with 'high doses' of Galantamine, quite clearly because of increasing memory function. However in small doses such as the amount listed above is absolutely safe. I have been experimenting with it for about a year and have had 100% success and enjoyment! How Lucid you become varies from person to person, but it is the most popular out all of the other LD supplements out there and is used as a foundational substance when combining it with others. This is because of the high success rate you can achieve. Taken with respect and at the appropriate doses with no alcohol is the best way to tackle this if your new to this sort of thing. Thomas Yuschak has a great book and goes into great detail regarding Galantamine, so please read it for more info (link above). I thoroughly recommend Galantamine, but also don't forget the original none supplement assisting techniques when practicing your Lucid Dreaming should never be completely substituted... ;-)) Good Luck in all your dreaming travels!

At July 18, 2012 at 1:05 PM , Blogger hlgrv said...

Thank you for your quick and thorough reply! I am planning to try it once I have solid results with the MILD technique.


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