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Apr 16, 2013

The Visitation - Part One

Last night I had a meal with my family and went to bed as normal after having a short read of Robert Monroe's fantastic book, Ultimate Journey. I then did my usual short meditation in bed just to clear my head and prepare for the night's mystical dreaming.

I laid flat on my back to go to sleep. I immediately went out like a light!

Then the most peculiar thing was about to occur. I woke up after, (what felt like), thirty minutes. I open my eyes slightly to see what was in front of my peripheral. I heard telepathically, 'It's me Clifftoft- your Spirit Guide, open your eyes'. I open them fully and then see to my surprise this wonderful bright shining figure of a tall man with arms open wide. (See the picture above, I superimposed a light being onto a photo of my actual bedroom).

It took a short moment for my senses to come round and decipher what was miraculously appearing in front of me. I was completely blown away by this bright shining being of light!  At first I couldn't believe it; I felt my logical brain trying its hardest to come to terms with witnessing a metaphysical being in a physical reality. My heart was jumping out of my chest and I felt a cold bead of sweat roll down the side of my face. In all honesty, I was a little scared to begin with but my eyes adjusted correctly and I started feeling at ease knowing that it was most probably my guide.

I have had many paranormal episodes in my life from UFOs to Ghosts- BUT nothing so direct like this. I seemed to have unlocked within me yet another door; all from practicing SGLD (Spirit Guided Lucid Dreaming). I now can see my guide's presence directly in this physical reality. For that I'm incredibly grateful! Sure, I see Clifftoft regularly in my Lucid Dreams but hardly ever in physical reality (in a direct visual sense).

This all marries up to what messages he has been sending me lately and by messages I actually mean 'clues'. He left a trail of breadcrumbs for me to follow and decipher that Lucid Dreaming is not the only portal in which he and I can communicate. There are many ways. Seeing and speaking telepathically here on the Earthly plane is one of those ways.

However, The fun didn't stop there! After seeing my guide as a 'light being' of pure energy in my bedroom and after being completely buzzed with energy for a good two hours, I eventually got back to sleep. I then discovered myself woken up and being completely emerged into the vibrational state, (often related towards the 'Out of Body Experience- O.B.E).

My energy body became loose from my physical body. I tried a few times the 'roll out of bed' technique but I seemed to be stuck. I then asked for my guide's help and as always he appeared! Although my non-physical eyes were blind - I could still feel the sensations around me. His hands began to grab my ankles and I felt him pressing on certain points of the base of my two feet. It felt fairly ticklish! I thought it was Morse code for a second but that wouldn't make very much sense to me!

He then answered my question of doubt telepathically in relation to the alien foot massage I was receiving; he told me (through psychic feeling of course) that he was re-programming my energy body for the dimension jump we were about to take. (My current state was not fully in alignment for this particular jump). By him pressing and stimulating on certain points on the bases of my feet would insure me a safe passage to wherever we were going. Where that was exactly, I didn't know.

The vibrations and frequency of my energy field increased and I felt myself rising out from my body even more. We then suddenly went through the dream wormhole and plummeted deep into the ground at incredible speed. Even though momentarily it felt like we were going down into the depths of a deep ocean we simultaneously were ascending upwards. How can you have the sensation of diving downwards and at the same time get the feeling of shooting upwards?

"How?" I hear you ask?

I believe this is (one of the) transitional point between our world (in this dimension) and their dimension (possibly the fourth dimension). To take this further; because they are in the higher dimension they can perceive and feel things we cannot,  on the 3D Earth. Just as if there was a 2 dimensional world, they would NOT be able to see and perceive into our 3D dimension compared to what we COULD see into theirs.

Lucid Dreaming, OBEs and other energetic metaphysical travelling- gives us the keys to visit a multitude of different dimensions. We have naturally an 'in built' multi-dimensional Stargate within the centre of our minds that can be accessed at any time. Through SGLD, I believe that connecting with your Spirit Guide can help transport you to other dimensions that maybe cannot be reached through your own efforts alone...

[We now both appear in Clifftoft's world...]



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At April 17, 2013 at 12:33 AM , Blogger Daithi o'Feargail said...

Wow Nick - Incredible stuff mate - it seems you are now getting prepared for the next stage of your development. Keep up the good work bro :-)


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