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Jul 14, 2012

Are you connected with your Dream Journal?

Are you connected with your Dream Journal? This may sound strange to the person that doesn't really focus on dream studies. They may think, why would I need to connect with just a book? You see, it's not just any book... It is your personal gateway to the other side. Other than your own unique mind holding all of its extravagant dream memories, a dream journal is a physical duplicate of your dreaming adventures. You can access these adventures in waking reality anytime you wish; it will call on you when you need specific answers and maybe when you are confused and alone. Your journal is your faithful companion who will always be there for you.

Through the years of compiling my dream entries I’ve now come to the conclusion that my physical written copies hold more than just great tales of the subconscious mind. What I discovered was the innate ability to see into the future, see past events of my life that needed my immediate attention and I discovered the next step into my spiritual evolution. Consciously connecting and writing those entries enhances my dreaming memory and in superb detail.

The way we organise our dream entries in the form of subheadings can also help with the memories we bring back into the physical world. Below are examples of what you can place into your very own journal.

Subheadings you can include...

'Time Within'

Writing the time it felt during your stay in the dream world can greatly enhance the length of future dreaming. It will program your intention to be lucid longer! Studies have shown that what time you thought you were in the dream was most probably the correct total time you were actually there.

'Title & Date'

Think of a great, quirky title that suits your current dream. This will give greater meaning to your dreams and promote how important they are. Also include a date for your own reference when checking old and new entries.


This one is my personal favorite. The trigger has a great way in telling your subconscious mind to clue-in on what triggered your lucidity to begin with. At what precise moment did you realise, 'Hey I'm now Lucid'!


What are your surroundings? Describe where you are. Is it a familiar place? A house you used to live in perhaps? Be clear and concise when writing down this information.

'Dream Symbols/Keywords'

I recommend writing under this subheading first when awakening from your dream. Write down, while the entire dream is still fresh in your mind, all of the major objects and keywords that stood out from the rest. This is important for when you decide to decode your dreams at a later time when using a dream dictionary. Did you see any particular colours?  Experience a strong emotion? Execute an action which was very prominent...etc?

'Projections & Spirits'

This one has served me greatly through the years, especially during my early stages of dream exploration when I would seek out for my spirit guide. After a long time searching through lucidity and deciphering which character was which, it all became clear to me and I eventually made that bond with my guide. Be sure to dedicate some dreamtime by asking subconscious characters and spirits who they really are, and why they are with you at this time? By doing such a frequent practice your subconscious will emphasise your awareness in who or what you are interacting with.


This one is self-explanatory. Write down your dream experience in a story form and be creative and detailed with your wording. I tend to write mine in the night straight away from naturally waking up. This usually occurs up to four times during the early hours of the morning for me. I've trained my body to not overlay when the dream finishes. A bit of nighttime discipline goes really far when remembering your dreams memory! Otherwise we may leave out vital information. Alternatively, you can begin with just writing your dream symbols and keywords in the night and then when you wake up properly in the morning you may use them to fill in the blanks of your entire dream experience. I have tried this method for a few months and occasionally revert back to it if I’m extremely tired.


This final section is to be completed when you decide to reflect on your dream and decode its true meaning. I personally prefer to decode my dreams the following day whilst it's smoldering in the background. In the morning/early afternoon is a great time because it can set your whole day up and you can think about it during the day. This does not mean that going back to old entries is 'done and dusted' so to speak. All dreams have an infinite supply of information ready for us to use anytime. There has been the odd occasion where I had a question to a particular issue and then I open my journal at a random page only to find that it held the answer I was looking for! This proves that linear time is irrelevant when peering into our world of dreams.

Mysterious Linking between entries

Some avid dreamers out there will discover distinctive correlations and similarities between their entries. I notice myself when reading my journal that common dream symbols repeat themselves and appear in a slightly different manner. The particular dream sign, object, environment or emotion will repeat itself many times until you consciously understand its true meaning. When we hear our dreams and understand them (by decoding and meditating on them) we mustn’t ignore what divine help is being offered. Instead we should take time and decode them so that we can grow our consciousness even more...


At July 15, 2012 at 1:36 PM , Blogger Frank Nunya said...

Thank you Nick. I learned some good things there. Getting back to dream journaling; had been away from it for about 2 decades. It always fascinates me to read my old entries. It's kind of like meeting yourself :) I am going to incorporate your points above into my entries.

- Frank from Calgary

At July 17, 2012 at 2:54 AM , Blogger Nick Barrett said...

Thank you Frank, great to hear from you! I agree with it being like meeting yourself... It's your true self and from an honest subconscious! The highest self never lies... Happy Dreaming ;-)


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