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Nov 30, 2011

How can I find my Spirit Guide?

How can I find my Spirit Guide? Well first it's important to understand what a guide can be.
Spirit Guides, Angels and Guardian Angles are all common names for what we identify as Beings Of Light.
They offer each and every one of us protection and unconditional love. On some degree, most of us already recognise that some unexplainable force is guiding the way. Almost as if you had an angel sitting on your shoulder advising and protecting you from any negative bumps you may encounter!

How can I recognise my Spirit Guide?

Some examples would be; 

* Noticing a 'lucky number' constantly appearing in your life, perhaps guiding you towards something? 

* You may feel a little confused about a problem one day, you're driving and turn on the radio only to find that the song playing offers you lyrics of great insight? 

* Perhaps you may have felt that you shouldn't go through with a certain decision within your career, and you have to go with your 'gut feeling' on something. 

* Maybe you were thinking about someone and in that precise moment they called you! 

* Seeing things appear in the corner of your eye? Seeing flashing orbs of brilliant white light? Hearing
high pitch tones in your ears? Maybe you’re meditating and feel a presence watching over you? 

                   These are all signs of our guides being present in our lives...

If your'e still asking yourself, "how can I find my spirit guide?" and "What if I don't have one?' Then don't worry! All of us have a spirit guide! Overtime you will gain a much more conscious-connection to your'e Spirit Guide because of the energy you are driving towards recognising them.

How can I maintain the connection?

Some reports say each of us have a spirit guide family consisting of five unique members. Each spirit is then assigned by the council to a particular region to help elements within our unique psyche development.
From there, they will nurture and guide you when needed, as much as we are willing to hear them that is! The more you hear them and notice the signs, the more often they will appear.
Chances are, right now your guide is watching you read this blog, how exciting!

Lucid Dreaming & Spirit Guides

Our guides exist in a different dimension to us. They can transition in and out of reality anytime they please. Furthermore, because they are light beings with metaphysical qualities, they can simultaneously be at multiple locations at once. They dip in and out of dreams, sometimes impersonating other characters that you know in the physical world. This is their way to be close to you at all times.

When we dream at night, we also enter another 'type' of space and time. If we can train ourselves to become more conscious within our dreams, such as Lucid Dreaming, we too can communicate directly with our spirit family. Lucid Dreaming makes this incredibly easy for when we wish to communicate with our spirit guides.
As we lucid dream and start to bring even more awareness to our dream work, spirit guides and other friendly spirits notice a rise in our vibrational energies. This makes us incredibly appealing to the spirit world. See it as a 'Bug Zapper' effect, only not to kill bugs-or humans! When we have a bright attracting light, we pull in other consciousness.

You already have the bond, 
Why not make it conscious?

Today more and more people are setting their intention to connect to their guides and make that bond a conscious one and enriching their lives. Acknowledging our galactic secret helpers today seems to be more popular than ever before. It is the next  crucial step we all must take if we are to evolve into a higher consciousness. Should we ignore this? Or start appreciating a hidden sacred force waiting to be unlocked?

Ask yourself this;

If I broke down on the motorway and didn't know how to change my spare tire, if somebody pulled over to help me, would I thank him or her?

Of course you would! It is how all of our great minds are hardwired. This is exactly how we should view our spirit help.

Thanking someone automatically when unconditional love is given- ALWAYS is the correct response.

Summoning your guide from a Lucid Dream?

When I first discovered my guide in Lucid Dreaming some time ago, I realised that my dream studies had suddenly taken a HUGE jump to the next level and into the great unknown. From then on I made it my absolute goal to maintain my relationship with my guide and show respect as much as possible.

When you become lucid and fully grounded you must then set out to find your guide... Chances are your guide will be close and waiting for your next move. It's really simple,

 "I wish to see my spirit guide!!!"

Suddenly out of the blue, your Spirit Guide will appear. If they were acting as a character in your dream, they can reveal themselves to you, otherwise they will materialise out of nowhere.

Depending on how lucid you are in your dream, you should telepathically pickup on your guide's presence. This could come as a shock to some of you if you’re not used to the sensation. When you are consciously in their presence, you seem to have a deeper awareness and it feels like you've known them for an entire millennium!

You must believe and be persistent if they don't appear instantly. Many books say you should ask an unknown guide five times if they are your real spirit guide. Studies show they have to answer truthfully and honestly on the fifth time when asked. I didn't have to try this method because I just knew that he was my spirit guide after searching for him for so long. I have been working closely with my guide for a long time and I trust him implicitly. We've had some mind blowing adventures together!

Want to know more about Spirit Guides?

I’m only scratching the surface from this huge topic because 'Spiritual-Companionship' is incredibly extensive. I am now proud to announce, that from many years working with my guide, I have compiled a new eBook entitled:

 'Spirit Guided Lucid Dreaming'

available for download and paperback...

Digital outlets: 
iBookstore, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble 
Sony and many more.

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