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Mar 19, 2012

A Spirit Guided Realisation

My last night's Lucid dream gave me a unique realisation that I would like to share with you.
Over the past few weeks I have had similar lucid dreams, whereby, in most cases, I would summon my guide to show me my next teachings. They all shared the same type of theme but within different dreamscapes and scenarios.
Knowing my guide's personality, I understand that his teaching method is 'Indirect'. I believe that by doing this he gains the most out of me and does not influence the Universal Law of free will. He inspires me to discover things for myself instead of telling me directly. In the end, we all have to make this individual leap ourselves...

I become Lucidly aware within my dream and look at my palms. I now ground myself. I look around to discover my vivid surroundings. It is a beautiful sunny day and I seem to be standing on a street footpath that ascends all the way to the eye can see. I cannot see anybody around me and it is a calm atmosphere. I call out for my guide repeatedly and he doesn't show! He usually appears on the third or forth time I call out for him? But like the other previous lucid dreams, he doesn't show himself immediately. I call out again and now panic slightly (the worst thing you can do is panic!)  I then squint my 'dream eyes' to see if there is anyone all the way down the street as this is starting to get strange. I then see a faint figure standing on the horizon and hear a very distant 'hello'. I then accept the fact that I have to run all the way down to the end to meet him. I could fly but choose to think in physical terms! I begin to run and start to tire myself through repetition because the street elongates and never ends. It is very much like the scene from Jim Henson's movie, 'Labyrinth' (1986), where Sarah keeps on running down the never ending path never to reach the end, No matter how much she tries! 

After realising that this forced attitude is not getting me anywhere, I start to question my spirit guide's method. I stand on the street confused and alone whilst thinking to myself, [why would he show and then suddenly disappear knowing full well I'm trying to reach him!?!] This reminded me of what happened before in a similar way!
I thought, [What am I missing here?!?] [What is he trying to make me understand this time?]

I now suddenly appear in a different dreamscape. This time I'm standing in a huge park waiting for some sign of understanding. I call out for him once again. In the distance I see his tall body dash behind a large bush and out towards the edge so that he couldn't be seen anymore. It's as if he is avoiding me! I'm even more confused and slightly paranoid now! Is my Spirit Guide angry with me? Have I offended him in anyway? This cannot be true, all guides from the spirit realm show nothing but unconditional love and support...Or so I thought anyway?

I then snap back to my body in my bed and go over different possibilities in my head. I start to trace back all my previous Lucid Dreams in hope for a direct clue. I realise that no matter what I do, wether I fly really fast towards him or run at the speed of light, he always is out of reach.

I fall asleep again whilst holding the image of my guide to delve deeper into this to be learned lesson.
I suddenly appear on a busy road with me standing on the side, watching and observing the many types of vehicles. I'm fully Lucid and aware whilst still holding the intention to understand what is happening. I call out for my guide, hoping for him to appear once again.

After the the third time I call out, a noticeable colourful motorbike pulls up swiftly to the side of the highway. It's my Spirit guide! I feel relieved!

He then shouts in the distance, "Come on- jump on!" I start walking up to the bike, content and excited. As I'm almost there, he then rapidly rides back onto the busy highway! I shout, "Hey!"

He now makes a point by riding past me skidding round corners weaving in & out of traffic, then disappears again.

I now sit on the roadside and say to myself,
"Right! That's it! I'm tired of running after him, No More!" A feeling of inner trust and strength overwhelms me. I say out loud, "I bet you're going to come around that corner any second!" I sit and wait again anticipating his next arrival. Suddenly he appears back onto the road and drives towards me. I shout, "Well-Well-Well, look who decides to show up!" Feeling pretty pleased with myself that my prediction was right!
A new understanding of what was being shown suddenly dawned on me. My Spirit guide now parks the motorbike and sits with me on the side of the road.
The realisation hits me like a sledge hammer to the head!
I swiftly say to him, "So this was a lesson about not forcing things in life?" "If I just stop and trust that things will naturally arrive when they are supposed to (just like the motorbike did) opportunities and synchronicity will be sure to come and find me?!?"  He then replied whilst broadly smiling in a calm and relaxed manner,


Try to connect with your guides as they can reveal new and forgotten wisdom.


At August 2, 2012 at 7:43 PM , Blogger melizza said...

neat! I can't wait to meet my spirit guide :D

At March 3, 2013 at 4:53 AM , Blogger StarLady Elarinya said...

Hello.I'm Elarinya.I know I have guides as my real spirit parents always around.I've dreamt bout them even my star brothers and a guru.At one time when we were facing family trouble,I dreamt that Mum came and along with her brought an African tribal dressed woman(I think she's my guide too).They came and like I knew them immediately.Mum was smiling and dressed in white.She came and placed her hand on me and everything calms again.Next,I dreamt about my star brother.He came looking like Legolas all lordly but warm.I wished him 'muindor'(brother in elvish tongue) and he smiled.Then he brought me into a place which I think is my dark side I must face and assured me he's always around.Next,he brought me into a beautiful open air varanda where Dad and the rest where eating and smiling at me.I've met Dad recently in my dream.He came looking like Elrond but a little different in the face.Very lordly but fatherly.I saw him comming so I bowed my head and wished him 'Ada'(father in elvis tongue)and he looked at me then he picked me up like a father would to his child and talked to someone behind me.I'm very comfortable with them and I'm grateful we ca meet.Whats your opinion?Thanks so much for your help and great knowlegde!Love!


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