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Mar 7, 2012

How to Interpret our Dreams

As many of us have fantastic dream journeys throughout time and space, one can't help wonder what it all means? 

Are there any references to 
interpreting our dream experiences?

Could there be universal landmarks which help us to identify certain dream signs?

Can we learn more about ourselves and gain help from beyond?

There is a hidden secret coding system of symbology which has been embedded into all of our subconscious minds. The symbolic language has been used for thousands of years and provides us today with clarification on what information our dreams hold.

For instance, colours have unique meanings within dreams. Take the colour blue as an exemple;

Blue represents truth, wisdom, heaven, eternity, devotion, tranquility, loyalty and openness

Identifying our dream signs within our minds is the key to unlocking its unique meaning. If you notice within your dream certain objects, colours, emotions, expressions and see that they stand out from the rest, it is highly important to document these 
key words into your journal during the early hours of the morning.

For example when I woke up this morning I reached for my journal and wrote the key words from my dream(s);

Pig, Shoes, Feeling trapped, Blue, Fire etc

Later that day, I would be reminiscing over my radical and mystifying dream.. I then return and write the remaining story into my journal using my key words.

Because of my dream signs/key words, I can now connect hidden memories with associations which are kept within each symbolic landmark. They help me paint more of a complete picture and I can now compile a full storyboard with great detail. 

Robert Bruce (Author of 'Astral Dynamics') calls these, 'shadow memories'. The association of these dream signs prevent us from brushing past vital data and can then trigger forgotten memories to help us delve deeper into our subconscious minds.

Online Dream Dictionaries
There are many online dictionaries out there to help us identify our dreams correctly. If you're ever faced with multiple possibilities from your dream signs, it is typically important to 'feel' what resonates with you personally when identifying its true nature. Remember only YOU can know the dream's true meaning.

One great website I use to gain more insight is 'Dream Moods'. Please click the picture link below and see for yourself.

Dream Sign Association
When decoding our dream's meaning we need to consider the possibility of signs within signs. You may discover that within your dream you come across a dream sign acting out a particular script and maybe combining itself with another sign. This is to make sure you get a high detailed meaning within a small space of time. Obviously, this can be extremely unique for the dreamer and at times may seem very strange & weird! 
It can be helpful to meditate on a sign if confusion arrises. Take time and don't rush, the answer will come and find you eventually. If not now, then in another dream. 

A simple example of 'Dream Sign Association' would be;

DREAM SIGNS: Yellow Bird,Boat,Water

Yellow Bird 
To see a yellow bird in your dream represents a positive outlook in your professional life.

To dream that you are in or see a boat signifies your ability to cope with and express your emotions.. Is the sea calm or otherwise?

Possible meaning with this combination?
For me, I would interpret these combined signs as how I deal with my emotions within my professional life. The [Boat] is safely sailing along the calm [waters]. Water can represent 'emotions' and because the [boat] is calmly drifting along with a [Yellow Bird] sitting comfortably inside, I would believe that my job at work is going smoothly and I feel emotionally content with its progress. I express myself well in my professional life.


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