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Jan 23, 2012

Balancing our Realities

Can we get lost in our Dream World?

During the early stages of my dream exploration I accumulated unexpected thought processes within my reality. I remember after waking one morning from having a lucid dream, feeling completely overjoyed with a great sense of accomplishment and yet at the same time a little deflated. I was thrilled that I could enter these worlds with full control and great awareness, but then suddenly pop back into the physical realm again.  I began to question my life in a whole new way; from the people I met, to the places I visited. The waking world seemed to appear ‘second best’ and a little dull in comparison to my epic lucid adventures. For the lucid practitioners out there, I’m sure you’ll agree that the places you visit are inexplicably exhilarating for the human soul to ever experience!
Within that particular low period of my life, I felt incredibly challenged with how I viewed things. At times I would be distracted and not be in the now, hoping to be inside another lucid adventure.
If I were to truly succeed in my lucid dream studies and in my general life, I would have to adopt a healthy mental balance between two coexisting worlds. 

For a novice conscious dreamer, 
this unexpected outlook is highly likely to occur. Don't worry, it is a normal reaction.
Lucid dreaming is an experience that can give us all great wisdom and tremendous satisfaction. We connect greatly to our unspoken higher selves incessantly. At times you probably feel you've reached 'cloud number nine'! 

However, the important thing is to ALWAYS remember that we exist simultaneously on many levels every single day. Do not haste and forget that you are an exceptional 
'Multi-Dimensional Being'. We have all been given the wonderful gift to experience Mother Earth's fruitful playground in all dimensions.  We are all here to learn and be in balance with her along with the rhythmic universe. 
She is truly a magnificent planet isn't she!?! 
We must never forget her beauty like she would never forget ours...

As explorers of ALL realities, we must forever keep in our loving hearts; 

We all come from the Divine Source
We are here to learn and experience all realities...
Unconditionally love all living things...

Out of all my practises, this is the biggest and hardest rule I've had to learn over the years. It takes complete dedication and mental clarity to truly understand where our realities can lead us.

How can we become more balanced?

One of the many ways to be balanced is by 'grounding' ourselves. Daily use of being grounded can bring us a ton of benefits! 

By ‘grounding’ I don’t mean to stay in your room and don’t come out till after dinner! I mean to be more grounded to Mother Earth and the natural energies that surround us.

Today we can achieve this in a number ways, and there's a diverse range of technologies out there to become more grounded. One of my favourite methods is to use a powerful stone called ‘Magnetite’. Most nights I lay on my back with my eyes closed and hold one in each palm of my hand.

Magnetite has been used for grounding/healing since  the ancient times. In general it works to strengthen the iron in our blood. It also helps promote elasticity in the arteries. It also enhances the immune system.

The greater blood flow to the brain has many desirable effects.
Magnetite helps relieve grief, fear and anger. It can dispel confusion and helps us loosen attachments. It helps us get focused mentally. Magnetite helps in meditation by keeping us grounded and preventing stray thoughts from distracting our attention.

Magnetite is a stone of attraction. It has been used to attract power. It is said that the one who sits on a throne of magnetite will rule all that he sees. Magnetite can attract good fortune, and helps us realize our dream. 

For many centuries it has been used to attract love. When a young woman was looking for the right man to marry, she could employ Magnetite to attract the man of her dreams. It also can be used for protection against evil spells. All in all, you feel completely revitalised and can prove to be a great companion for the serious lucid dreamer. 

A Dream Yogis Reality

Dream Yoga thoroughly focuses on perceiving one's reality as a constant flow of lucidity. What exactly does this mean?

Well, put simply, your physical and dream world reality should always be perceived equally with the same conscious awareness and belief. It is by being 'aware of ones awareness' constantly. 

In essence, it teaches us to be always awake and to see all realities as 'types' of dreams. 
Lucid dreaming does not just begin when our head touches the pillow at night but in waking life also! This new outlook can greatly enhance your lifestyle EVEN more and promote more frequent Lucidity! 

Knowing how to act and react in your waking life is just as important to when we are walking the Astral Planes. 
Everything is mirrored. I will write a new blog regarding the 'mirrored viewpoint' soon. 
What happens throughout your day and how you perceive things will manifest in your dream world reality. Your minds will create simulated events similar to what you had experienced that day. This is why 'Reality Checks' are so important to perform in the daytime.

There is a great 'mind tool' that you can use, now we know that all realities are 'dream like' in nature...

If you feel 'Anger' towards someone, 
see that emotion as; 'Dream Anger'... 

If you feel 'Frustration' from a difficult situation, 
replace that emotion as; 'Dream Frustration'...

If you speak to someone;
quickly experience and view that conversation as; 'Dream Conversation'...
(This does not mean you can be rude to them!!)

By doing this, not only do you increase the frequency of your lucid dreams but it will enhance your waking life and protect you from any possible negativity!

Ask yourself, 'How real is a dream?' A dream is just as real as the physical dream your sitting in right now.. you can do all the same things, eat, drink, laugh, jump and more! [A Similar principle is found in the blockbuster movie, 'The Matrix'. Neo goes to work daily not realising the existence of another alternate reality]

The world that we live in today is no more real than what the dream world is. It is just another 'type' of reality.. Just a lot more dense.

Try this new state of perception and see if it serves you as much as it has served me through the years. Believe me, it serves as a wonderful Allie!

Peace & Blessings,


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