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Feb 20, 2012

Advanced Lucid Dreaming-You Ready?

This article is useful for the experienced dreamer who wishes to refine and deepen their lucid adventures. If you’ve never practiced being consciously aware within your dreams, I suggest you research the ’how to’ guide firstly within this blog.

To make the following techniques effective I suggest you increase, if you have not done so already, your dream recall. I think two weeks worth of daily dream entries to begin with in your journals would be advantageous.

                              In-Dream Objectives 

Call out for your Spirit Guide
Become Lucid and find a dream character and ask three times, “Are you my Spirit Guide?” Be aware that this character could be a manifestation of your subconscious or a spirit from another world. Always ask three times so that you know they are genuine. The ‘Universal Law’ states they must answer truthfully on the third answer. Once the bond has been established, maintain that connection with your guide and nurture the relationship. Work through deep problems and fast track your way to great infinite wisdom. Just call out for them anytime; they will suddenly appear and be by your side! I’ve had great adventures with my guide for over three years; he’s helped me immensely on my spiritual path.

Gather ‘Chi’ Energy
Firstly ground yourself by gathering ‘Chi’ energy. You don’t have to be a Chi-Gong master to accomplish this! Visualise your key meridian points from the center of your palms and the center of your feet. This is where we gather and transmit our energies the most. We start to breathe slowly within the dreamscape, becoming aware of the inhalation and exhalation of our lungs. Now, imagine roots coming out of your feet and into the dreamscape’s ground, feel them deeply rooting themselves and feel the floor with your minds-eye. Now place your palms outwards and imagine sucking in positive energy into your hands. This greatly increases dream stability and makes the experience last a thousand times longer.

Advanced Dream Recall
When grounded in lucidity, boost your dream memory by stating out loud with eyes open the following: “I will remember all that there is to remember”. You may say it a few times till you feel the intention is firmly set in. Like all intentions, you must really put passion and belief behind these words. ‘Feel it’…

Breakdown the Dream Wall
When Lucid, preferably after grounding, state your date of birth and the place of where you were born. Say loudly, your home address and maybe recite what you did that day prior to sleeping. This breaks down the illusory wall that separates us when we’re dream-walking ‘Unconsciously’. By doing this regularly we strengthen the ability to become frequent lucid dreamers and will bring tremendous clarity between two worlds.

Meditate within the Dream World
I discovered this intuitively a few years back. It brings on surprising occurrences that connect us with spirit even more. The possibility to suddenly trans-locate from lucid dreaming to Astral Projection is more than likely. Please experiment and see for yourself this sacred mystic art.

Increasing Your Chances

Before you lucid dream you can add a teaspoon of Turmeric and a pinch of Nutmeg to your last meal of the day. I tend to make a rice and vegetable dish with no meat whilst adding these two little gems! It really increases your vividness and dream recall. Give it a go, but go easy on the Nutmeg!

Don’t eat after 6pm. When journeying to the outer realms you want to ‘feel’ light. Your energy body needs to be flexible and movable. By being more disciplined with our diets we can achieve great focus and can become more lucid. The ‘Tibetan Dream Yogis’ do not eat after 6pm specifically for this reason.

Say ‘NO’ to caffeine! Did you know that just one cup of coffee can deduct one hour off our ‘REM’ dream period? By drinking coffee you will decrease your lucid dreamtime. However, you get a REM rebound if you take coffee regularly but it’s not naturally recommended.
Personally I prefer more dreamtime. Try Green Tea as a healthy alternative. Green Tea gives you a natural caffeine boost and won’t get in the way of your ‘REM’ period. In fact, studies now show ‘Green Tea’ to be a great Lucid Dream activator because of the two chemical compounds, L-glutamine and L-theanine.


5 HTP-100mg

Galantamine 4mg/Choline 200mg (blend)

GPC Choline- 300mg-900mg

First you take the 5 HTP one hour before sleep. Try and aim to go to sleep no later than 10:30pm. Before sleeping meditate in bed and state your intention to become lucid. Dream incubation also can be done at this stage.
Try and wake up naturally for 4 am. Use the toilet and try not to turn on any lights, as you still want to be in a ‘sleepy state’ of mind. Climb back into bed. Take the Galantamine with Choline blend along with the GPC Choline.
Lie now on your back, and state again your intention briefly in your mind and drift. After 20 mins roll over to your right side (for guys) or left side (for girls). Now get comfy and drift to sleep. You can also try and maintain awareness to the end and achieve a WILD. I personally like to drift to sleep and be awoken naturally by the buzzing sensations.
From here your adventures really begin! I will not share what ‘COULD’ happen as this may influence your journey and mindset.

Try the combination of diet and supplements along with ‘In-Dream objectives’ and share your experiences. We can learn so much from each other and uncover more truths regarding the wonderful world of Lucid Dreaming!

Feb 11, 2012

Lucid Dreaming with Dr. Lucid!!


Dr.Lucid takes us all on another crazy journey into the world of Lucid Dreaming! 
Here he will show new, weird and wonderful ways to: 
Navigate through space & time.. how to control your DREAM reality