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Mar 21, 2012

Has Everyone Experienced Lucidity ?

I believe that everyone at some point in their lives have experienced a type of lucidity. 
When I was a child I used to have incredibly vivid and elaborate dreams, some of them were pretty scary! 
As I matured I naturally built up a nightmare defence mechanism, whereby, if I ever was in one of those particular dreams, I would force myself to wake up.

More and more people today generally speak of similar experiences.
They may have had sleep paralysis, where they are in that in-between state of waking and sleep but don't fully know how to utilise it? Maybe they developed a subconscious technique in waking themselves up intentionally from a bad dream? Maybe the dreamer thought it would be a great idea to speak about Lucid dreaming 'within' the dream itself ? 

Believe it or not, these are all subtle variations towards Lucidity. There are many dream states which we can find ourselves in. When we discover the many types, we can expand our awareness even more towards our goals. 

You may think that you've never had a Lucid dream before, chances are you have already experienced some type of Lucidity...

What types of Lucidity are there?

There are many subtle layers of lucidity that can occur. Possibly existing infinite variations, all comprising of the same essence. The only difference is how much we are aware of this particular state and how we, as humans, 'label' it and express its subtle distinctions. 
Below are the most likely common occurrences. There's probably ten to the dozen more and these are the types I have personally experienced throughout my dream studies. Please share in the comments below if you have any other experiences...

Semi Lucid

Within the dream state you are able to consciously act out your present earthly character and personality at will, just as you would do here on Earth. Only you are not aware that you have another physical body sleeping at home in bed. You genuinely believe that your dream/earthly character is completely the ONLY  known existence that is available. This state is similar to FULL Lucidity, only you don't simultaneously believe you have a physical body sleeping in your bed.

Fully Lucid

This is the prime goal for all experienced lucid dreamers. Within this state, you are now a multidimensional being. You are fully integrated within your dream state and completely aware that you're dreaming. You realise you're asleep in bed at home and simultaneously realise you are conscious within your dream. You have all the characteristics and memories as your existing persona. At this point you may wish to recite within the dream some of your physical memories you had that previous day. This will strengthen the bond between the two subtle bodies, the dream and the physical. 
Like the blockbuster movie 'Inception' you can manipulate and modify the dreamscape at will!

Dream Objects/Characters

This particular dream state is pretty common. I find that I know I'm dreaming (almost 'Semi Lucid') and I find a particular object. At this point I'm convinced that I can bring this item back into the physical world and enjoy it the next day! Even though, as I'm sure you'll agree, this is completely impossible! This occurrence can also happen with 'Dream Characters'. You may realise you're in a dream and then speak to someone asking them to meet you tomorrow for a few bevies the next day! Upon awakening and realising it's 'physically' impossible, it can be quite humorous and make you feel rather silly!

Incoherent Lucidity

Within this state you are acting out a particular script. You go about your business and suddenly come across a dream character who tells you that you are dreaming! You hear them and acknowledge them, yet you don't do anything about it. You simply carry on and play along with your subconscious script. You may also find a book on Lucid Dreaming or speak about it and yet this STILL does not trigger your Lucidity. Although this is quite rare I still believe this is a small form of lucidity.

Nightmare Awakening

This is a very common form of Lucidity and in most cases has been entirely self created subconsciously. Within this state you are having a Nightmare. You may be running away from someone or something feeling terrified. As you're running, your pace may slow down, you come to realise that you've instantly been granted the power to pull yourself out of the dream at will. I developed this skill subconsciously at a young age and it has served me immensely  through the years! 
However there is another 'much stronger' variation of Lucidity in confronting a nightmare. For example, you may be running away from something, and you realise you're dreaming. This added confidence is then harnessed and put to good use by turning around and confronting the adversary head on. I rate this as a much stronger form of Lucidity compared to just simply pulling yourself out of the dream. This is because of the amount of confidence you have applied within yourself to see what's behind you. If we simply pull ourselves out of the nightmare, this would imply that our conscious minds may believe that the evil dream figure could be real. 

False Awakening

Within this state you tend to already be dreaming and then that dream ends. Now you 'awaken' and appear in a bedroom-like environment which may or may not look like your identical room. You get up and play out a script believing you have woken up, you go about your daily routine when actually you are still inside yet another dream! False Awakenings used to be my pet hate as they can be REALLY convincing. Sometimes you can wake up in exactly the same environment as your present bedroom and can really confuse you. This is why 'Reality Checks' are extremely important. If we train ourselves to mirror our actions in the day, by constantly checking our hands and questioning our reality, 'Am I Dreaming?', we will then perform this automatically every time we awaken in reality or in a dream. If a False Awakening occurs and we perform a reality check successfully, we can then be triggered into a Lucid dream.

Help From a Spirit Guide

I was surprised to have not seen this type of Lucidity anywhere online. I have experienced this divine help only a few times because I think it can be quite rare. Depending on how strong your relationship is with your guide, it can prove to be a wonderful help in triggering your lucidity. Throughout a particular day, I asked my guide to help me with a lucid experiment. I asked him out loud to trigger my lucidity by meeting face to face within that night's dream. I set my intention to recognise him if he was ever in my presence, and now I  fall asleep. 
That night I began to act out a regular dream and go about my subconscious business. Then this tall semi familiar face appeared right in front of me. 
It was him! He told me to wake up (in the dream) and realise I was dreaming! 
I suddenly became lucid and took a deep breath! It was truly a break though and I felt completely cared for. I had a fully lucid dream that night! Try it for yourself. Just ask...

Symptoms of Paralysis

There are many other symptoms that could happen externally before Lucidity occurs. Paralysis is one of them. Paralysis seems to be in my book the most common anomaly out there that is related to Lucid Dreaming. The Paralysis state can happen in many ways. For example; not moving after waking up from a dream, having sleep depravation, fasting and by taking supplements such as Galantamine
Please see my post on Galantamine for more information. 
This is when your body's muscle sensory system shuts down but your mind is still awake. Being in this 'in-between' state can confuse the logical mind and thus bring a state of frustration and have a weird like nature. In some cases similar to a nightmare. However, if we train ourselves into using the paralysis state as a tool for initiating Lucidity and educate ourselves on this natural phenomena, it manifests itself in becoming an incredible doorway into other dimensions. I have performed many Astral Projections/Lucid Dreams from the Paralysis state. I will post more on this shortly.

As mentioned before, there are many subtle road signs that tell us how lucid we are (Internally within the dream)  and how close we are to a lucid dream (Externally, outside of the dream). There is no right or wrong state of Lucidity, or even wether or not it's the most common type. What matters is that we can reach some degree of awareness within our dream work, how we move forward and progress to understanding its true divine nature is completely up to us all...

Mar 19, 2012

A Spirit Guided Realisation

My last night's Lucid dream gave me a unique realisation that I would like to share with you.
Over the past few weeks I have had similar lucid dreams, whereby, in most cases, I would summon my guide to show me my next teachings. They all shared the same type of theme but within different dreamscapes and scenarios.
Knowing my guide's personality, I understand that his teaching method is 'Indirect'. I believe that by doing this he gains the most out of me and does not influence the Universal Law of free will. He inspires me to discover things for myself instead of telling me directly. In the end, we all have to make this individual leap ourselves...

I become Lucidly aware within my dream and look at my palms. I now ground myself. I look around to discover my vivid surroundings. It is a beautiful sunny day and I seem to be standing on a street footpath that ascends all the way to the eye can see. I cannot see anybody around me and it is a calm atmosphere. I call out for my guide repeatedly and he doesn't show! He usually appears on the third or forth time I call out for him? But like the other previous lucid dreams, he doesn't show himself immediately. I call out again and now panic slightly (the worst thing you can do is panic!)  I then squint my 'dream eyes' to see if there is anyone all the way down the street as this is starting to get strange. I then see a faint figure standing on the horizon and hear a very distant 'hello'. I then accept the fact that I have to run all the way down to the end to meet him. I could fly but choose to think in physical terms! I begin to run and start to tire myself through repetition because the street elongates and never ends. It is very much like the scene from Jim Henson's movie, 'Labyrinth' (1986), where Sarah keeps on running down the never ending path never to reach the end, No matter how much she tries! 

After realising that this forced attitude is not getting me anywhere, I start to question my spirit guide's method. I stand on the street confused and alone whilst thinking to myself, [why would he show and then suddenly disappear knowing full well I'm trying to reach him!?!] This reminded me of what happened before in a similar way!
I thought, [What am I missing here?!?] [What is he trying to make me understand this time?]

I now suddenly appear in a different dreamscape. This time I'm standing in a huge park waiting for some sign of understanding. I call out for him once again. In the distance I see his tall body dash behind a large bush and out towards the edge so that he couldn't be seen anymore. It's as if he is avoiding me! I'm even more confused and slightly paranoid now! Is my Spirit Guide angry with me? Have I offended him in anyway? This cannot be true, all guides from the spirit realm show nothing but unconditional love and support...Or so I thought anyway?

I then snap back to my body in my bed and go over different possibilities in my head. I start to trace back all my previous Lucid Dreams in hope for a direct clue. I realise that no matter what I do, wether I fly really fast towards him or run at the speed of light, he always is out of reach.

I fall asleep again whilst holding the image of my guide to delve deeper into this to be learned lesson.
I suddenly appear on a busy road with me standing on the side, watching and observing the many types of vehicles. I'm fully Lucid and aware whilst still holding the intention to understand what is happening. I call out for my guide, hoping for him to appear once again.

After the the third time I call out, a noticeable colourful motorbike pulls up swiftly to the side of the highway. It's my Spirit guide! I feel relieved!

He then shouts in the distance, "Come on- jump on!" I start walking up to the bike, content and excited. As I'm almost there, he then rapidly rides back onto the busy highway! I shout, "Hey!"

He now makes a point by riding past me skidding round corners weaving in & out of traffic, then disappears again.

I now sit on the roadside and say to myself,
"Right! That's it! I'm tired of running after him, No More!" A feeling of inner trust and strength overwhelms me. I say out loud, "I bet you're going to come around that corner any second!" I sit and wait again anticipating his next arrival. Suddenly he appears back onto the road and drives towards me. I shout, "Well-Well-Well, look who decides to show up!" Feeling pretty pleased with myself that my prediction was right!
A new understanding of what was being shown suddenly dawned on me. My Spirit guide now parks the motorbike and sits with me on the side of the road.
The realisation hits me like a sledge hammer to the head!
I swiftly say to him, "So this was a lesson about not forcing things in life?" "If I just stop and trust that things will naturally arrive when they are supposed to (just like the motorbike did) opportunities and synchronicity will be sure to come and find me?!?"  He then replied whilst broadly smiling in a calm and relaxed manner,


Try to connect with your guides as they can reveal new and forgotten wisdom.

Mar 7, 2012

How to Interpret our Dreams

As many of us have fantastic dream journeys throughout time and space, one can't help wonder what it all means? 

Are there any references to 
interpreting our dream experiences?

Could there be universal landmarks which help us to identify certain dream signs?

Can we learn more about ourselves and gain help from beyond?

There is a hidden secret coding system of symbology which has been embedded into all of our subconscious minds. The symbolic language has been used for thousands of years and provides us today with clarification on what information our dreams hold.

For instance, colours have unique meanings within dreams. Take the colour blue as an exemple;

Blue represents truth, wisdom, heaven, eternity, devotion, tranquility, loyalty and openness

Identifying our dream signs within our minds is the key to unlocking its unique meaning. If you notice within your dream certain objects, colours, emotions, expressions and see that they stand out from the rest, it is highly important to document these 
key words into your journal during the early hours of the morning.

For example when I woke up this morning I reached for my journal and wrote the key words from my dream(s);

Pig, Shoes, Feeling trapped, Blue, Fire etc

Later that day, I would be reminiscing over my radical and mystifying dream.. I then return and write the remaining story into my journal using my key words.

Because of my dream signs/key words, I can now connect hidden memories with associations which are kept within each symbolic landmark. They help me paint more of a complete picture and I can now compile a full storyboard with great detail. 

Robert Bruce (Author of 'Astral Dynamics') calls these, 'shadow memories'. The association of these dream signs prevent us from brushing past vital data and can then trigger forgotten memories to help us delve deeper into our subconscious minds.

Online Dream Dictionaries
There are many online dictionaries out there to help us identify our dreams correctly. If you're ever faced with multiple possibilities from your dream signs, it is typically important to 'feel' what resonates with you personally when identifying its true nature. Remember only YOU can know the dream's true meaning.

One great website I use to gain more insight is 'Dream Moods'. Please click the picture link below and see for yourself.

Dream Sign Association
When decoding our dream's meaning we need to consider the possibility of signs within signs. You may discover that within your dream you come across a dream sign acting out a particular script and maybe combining itself with another sign. This is to make sure you get a high detailed meaning within a small space of time. Obviously, this can be extremely unique for the dreamer and at times may seem very strange & weird! 
It can be helpful to meditate on a sign if confusion arrises. Take time and don't rush, the answer will come and find you eventually. If not now, then in another dream. 

A simple example of 'Dream Sign Association' would be;

DREAM SIGNS: Yellow Bird,Boat,Water

Yellow Bird 
To see a yellow bird in your dream represents a positive outlook in your professional life.

To dream that you are in or see a boat signifies your ability to cope with and express your emotions.. Is the sea calm or otherwise?

Possible meaning with this combination?
For me, I would interpret these combined signs as how I deal with my emotions within my professional life. The [Boat] is safely sailing along the calm [waters]. Water can represent 'emotions' and because the [boat] is calmly drifting along with a [Yellow Bird] sitting comfortably inside, I would believe that my job at work is going smoothly and I feel emotionally content with its progress. I express myself well in my professional life.