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Dec 27, 2012

Hardcopy now available!

Greetings Fellow Dreamers!

I'm proud to announce that my eBook, 'Spirit Guided Lucid Dreaming' is now available in hardcopy format through Amazon. Please check out the picture link below.

Details of the book

We are not alone in this vast universe. Celestial beings that are not from this world can be beckoned by us anytime we wish to. Through the art of Lucid Dreaming, being consciously aware within our dreams, we can step through a portal within our minds and contact these very beings. They are waiting for us to make that conscious connection. They bring nothing but guidance, love and admiration for us all. Their wish is to nurture and help us grow our consciousness so that we can evolve into the divine beings we are destined to be.

You will discover a divine skeleton key into the unseen worlds; learn distinctive meditative techniques and practices so you too can summon your own Spirit Family through lucid dreaming.
Throughout various times within this book, the author gives you personal experiences from his dream journal conversing with his spirit guide. This will help you understand the inner potential and wisdom that a guide can give you.

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