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Oct 31, 2011

Want To Stay Lucid For Longer?

Lucidity is wonderful when it finally arrives, but how can we stay lucid for longer and maintain a stable dream environment? 

Well, firstly it's always good to ground your energy body before setting out on any epic adventures. It’s highly important to gather your focus and say out loud, “Hey, I’m lucid and this is all a dream!”. Whilst saying this obvious statement make sure you remain calm and collected. The more excited you get, the more chance you have in snapping back to your physical body and ending the whole experience. 

I find that keeping things in motion is a highly effective technique. Should you stop and smell the roses, so to speak, the environment around you will decay rapidly and eventually cease to exist. Another great way to start your grounding process is to touch and examine everything around you. Our subconscious mind will make up some fantastic scenery and manifestations, so be prepared for the unexpected, no matter how weird! 

The important thing is not to ignore what's around you and interact with everyone and everything that comes within your path.

Grounding example from one of my lucid dreams...

(felt like 45 mins)
I am in this beautiful green mountain landscape with the sea to my left. The sun is shining and in front of me what appears to be an outdoor market place from the 18th century. It reminds me of the untouched hills of ancient Scotland-only better weather!
The market is full of happy people, some are haggling and some are carrying things. Kids are playing around the market stalls and laughing all around. I notice to my right a large long table full of interesting fruit and vegetables.
I ground myself first ...
I then show appreciation for being given the experience of lucidity and I walk up to the fruit stall. I pick up loads of apples and lettuce and munch the whole lot, WOW! It tastes so real! The market lady seems to not care for my lack of payment. I feel really secure within this dreamscape, such a peaceful place. I then speak to some people to my left and they seem pleasent. I move further down the market and attempt to fly around...

I have listed the most successful and  effective tools for you to use when lucid…

Spinning Around 

Spinning around with your arms out can really cause a sensory explosion! From experience, I find that I lose my balance and if I close my eyes I suddenly teleport to a random destination. It's a bit of a loose canon this one because you don't always know where you're going to end up. So give it a try and see where it takes you!

Rubbing Hands Together

This is the most common way in getting grounded. Immediately do this when you become lucid and state that you are lucid out loud. Keep rubbing your hands until you feel the area is stabilised.

Leap Backwards

Leaping backwards should only be performed once your dream environment is stabilised. I performed this completely by chance one night and the results really blew me away! It seems to be associated with your astral body because the result of you leaping backwards can make your physical body vibrate. This is a direct sign of your astral body being stimulated. When you leap backwards make sure you spread your arms out and just have a feeling of complete trust and surrender. By doing this you feel as though you go through the ground and into the unknown. But don't fear! 
It is a highly effective tool for when you need a quick exit from any situation. You can then enter into an OBE environment! In some cases you may snap back to your physical body a few times and feel the vibrations. If this occurs simply don't move a muscle and relax and repeat the process. You will soon re-enter the dream world with full lucidity!

Examine all your surroundings

I do this a lot more nowadays because of how effective and stimulating it is. This is a great way in getting a stabilised environment. As soon as you become lucid, everything and I mean every-thing must be examined. You do this by touching what's all around you and really examine closely what it is you're interacting with. 

Feel the ground, breathe with your dream lungs, touch the bark on trees and zoom in with great detail! This will give you a greater sense of clarity and stimulate your ever expanding senses. The more sensitised your energy body becomes the more chance you have in creating longer lasting lucid dreams.

Remain calm and keep moving

It's totally understandable to get a little excited when we first become lucid. 
Who wouldn't?!? 
But if we remain calm and have peace in our hearts, we can really focus our attention and be objective to the matter at hand. This doesn't simply mean stop, but be calm yet always in motion. Find a nice consistent pace you feel at ease with and maintain this focus throughout. This will guide you and keeps things interesting.


Yes, that's right people! You can create all kinds of great grub and drink in the dream world! All you have to to do is get grounded and close your eyes. Intend on having a tasty dish in front of you and really imagine it with your mind's eye.
Hey Presto! There it is...YUM-YUM! 
By eating and drinking every now and then you can stimulate your dream taste buds and stay firmly in the dream world for longer!

Reality check every 5 minutes!

I can't tell you enough how many times I've used this great little time keeping bad boy! Yep, I know it's an original Casio that's worth almost nothing these days!
Fact is, it doesn't matter what type of watch you have, just as long as you can remember it and imbed it's image into your subconsciousEvery time you're lucid, every 5 minutes throughout your dream, every false awakening, every time you physically wake up in the morning and as many times in the day.
Check your wrist watch and say the magic words: 'Am I Dreaming'?? 
Really spend at least 20 seconds contemplating looking at the numbers. 'Where am I'?, 'Is it a dream'? By doing this in the lucid dream every 5 minutes, you're keeping yourself grounded and on the ball. This will allow your dream to reach its maximum time allowance. It's also a great safety guard incase you get tranced back into the dream and forget that you were ever lucid in the first place. Believe me this happens a lot! So look at your watch, then look away. Repeat this until you are certain that the numbers are normal and not misshapen. Within a dream, numbers and letters are really difficult to recognise, so this is a great     opportunity for a reality check!

Dream Extender
This is definitely one of my personal favourite tricks to perform. Done correctly you can have multiple lucid dreams all night! 

Unfortunately all dreams have to come to an end sooner or later, even if we really want to stay there and do all we can to stabilise it! 
The way to achieve the 'Dream Extender' is by noticing your surroundings just before you snap back and keeping your focus right to the end. Towards the conclusion of every lucid dream you'll notice things will start to eventually decay around you and almost black out. This is a warning sign that its coming to an end. You usually have 10 to 15 seconds before it ends. 
When this occurs become aware that it's happening first and then say to yourself repeatedly that you are lucid. Keep saying this to yourself over and over again and don't move, again being very relaxed and not over excited. 
By doing this you are not breaking your awareness and will be transported into a whole new lucid dream all over again! YAY!                                                                            

Showing Appreciation

For many of us who lucid travel the experience can become more of a deepening awakening if consistently performed. 
We as humans generally wish to find out the truth about why we are here? 
"Who am I? Where I'm going? Are we alone in the universe?"

Through my dream studies I have taken a personal quest in finding out the answers to these particular questions among many others, and as a result, lucid dreaming has given me a fast track ticket into my spiritual evolution

After a year or so being with countless 'Dream Women' that I managed to manifest for sexual pleasures, not to mention lots of flying and walking through walls, I decided to go deeper into the experience and show appreciation and gratitude where ever I went.
I remember it as if it were yesterday,  when it all turned around for me. 
I became lucid, then grounding myself like normal (using techniques from above.) Then I said "thank you" out loud and clasped my hands together and meditated whilst stood up. I stood there with no hesitation and no fear. I felt the wind pick up around me and felt it softly against my face. I was then suddenly transported to a completely new peaceful surrounding which what appeared to be a beautiful Zen garden with a fountain. I set there meditating with my dream legs folded on a near bench and looked through my dream eyelids. I then got a real sense of 'multi sensory adaptation'. Not only was I peacefully aware of me sleeping in my bed all cosy and warm, I was now meditating in this whole new body simultaneously within this 'dream zen garden'.  The experience left me completely baffled (in a good way) because for the first time I realised that the human mind, body and spirit is so much more than how some westerners perceive it. To know we can access these gifts anytime and be rewarded for the gratitude we show can leave our hearts feeling utterly fulfilled.

So there you have it, I strongly recommend you try it and see what resonates with you! Please leave comments below with any of the techniques and do tell me your experiences. 
Feedback is always welcome! 

I can safely say that when I showed my gratitude for the first time within my lucidity, 
a whole new world was born!

Peace & Blessings, Nick

Oct 10, 2011

The Perfect LUCID DREAMING Supplement

Would you like a 'High-Level' Lucid Dream or O.B.E just by taking a certain supplement with almost guaranteed results? 

If you answered 'yes' then you are now ready to expand your consciousness to the next level and finally get the results you deserve!

This is the supplement that iv'e gladly got acquainted with recently...


This has become known as the 
“lucid dreaming pill.” Galantamine is an alkaloid synthesized from 
the red spider lily plant.
It appears to increase lucidity drastically by promoting an important neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. 

This is taken from Wikipedia:
Some people who practice lucid dream (LD) or out-of-body experience (OBE) use galantamine to increase their odds to achieve LD or OBE. By taking small amount of galantamine (around 4 to 8 mg) after five to six hours of deep sleep and practice an induction technique such as meditation, MILD or WILD many people report more success with galantamine.
There are also reports claiming that taking galantamine without proper induction technique will not lead to LD or OBE but will result in only a vivid dream instead. It should also be noted that, due to a long half-life, galantamine will stay in the body for a period of up to and over 48 hours. As such, it is advisable to space out the use of galantamine over a period of three days so that the body does not build a resistance to the drug, ruining its effectiveness.

My Experience
Right now I'm using a Galatamine blend with Choline (4mg Galantamine/200mg Choline-per capsule) called 'Lucid Dreamer'.
The first night I tried this I had no idea what to expect! I was a little apprehensive so I decided to calm my 'nerves of the unknown' and meditate in bed my intention prior to falling asleep. 
From what I've researched, greater results can be achieved when Galantamine is taken after 4-5 hours of good, restful sleep. This is because your body sleeps at its deepest time during the first half of the night and the supplement extends your REM period which is naturally experienced in the second half of the night. 
So taking Galantamine before you go to bed would leave you in a restless 'tossing and turning' state which clearly would leave you with no rest for your body and offer you extreme crankiness the next day! 
For me, I took the capsules at 4:00 AM in the morning after having 4.5 hours sleep, I had 8mg of Galantamine Premixed with 400mg of Choline (2 capsules). I then meditated for 20 mins in bed, stating again my intention to be lucid and firmly setting my mood to positivity, belief and love. 
I then laid on my back and started to recite my mantra for 15 mins, 
"When I Dream,  I  Will Know I'm Dreaming..." 

After this I turned on my right side...
{The Tibetans believe that in order to gain great spiritual wisdom and to make your energy body be most effective, they would lay on the right side (if you're male) and the left side if you're female. This is because your central energy channel is much more compressed when on the correct side thus giving you extra peak metaphysical energy and wisdom to achieve what is to be achieved}. 
During the death of Buddha, he laid on his right side just before he departed to Nirvana.

I then fell into the 'mid-state sleep' (Further detail on this below) and felt the traditional paralysis wave come over me. I then relaxed all the way through it whilst hearing woosh sounds and felt extreme vibrations throughout my physical body! I then finally 'popped out' of my body (I will post details on O.B.Es soon) .
From being free from my physical body I then translocated my consciousness to an unknown random location by using intention. I appeared in this beautiful scenic landscape filled with luscious green trees fully aware and conscious. 
As I stood there in amazement I was overlooking megalithic mountains surrounded by an enchanted evergreen forest with crystal blue water lakes. There were many people there all having the same 'type' of experience as me. Some were talking, laughing and some were even flying (including me!). 
But most of all it was a peaceful and happy place where no fear could ever set in. 
This can be identified as, and is sometimes labelled as a 'higher astral plane'. 
This was truly a magnificent experience for me and I hope you can achieve this too! 
I've attained this high level state of consciousness once or twice before, and since I've discovered Galantamine, taking into account the natural teachings of my dream yoga, I can now safely and responsively visit these places all from 
'just a thought away'...

Please take into consideration
By keeping your awareness and staying with focus you're creating a perfect bridge to cross from the waking/dream state without falling asleep first. 
They call this a W.I.L.D (wake induced lucid dream). This can be a bit tricky at first if your not accustomed to it but in time will become second nature to you.
No doubt you will be feeling a little excited too, as I was when trying Galantamine the first time! But don't worry, this is highly normal and  can actually work tremendously in your favour!

How will being excited work in my favour?
You see, when you get excited you release a chemical in the brain known as 'Norepinephrine' and when combined with the Galantamine, which gives you increased Acetylcholine (ACh) levels, this as a result will give your dream REM period the BIGGEST BOOST EVER! It's the perfect cocktail for inducing high level states of lucidity! 

However there is a catch... 
These particular levels, rising at the same time can result in difficulty of drifting off...
Yeah, Yeah... I know what your thinking! Your probably wondering;
'How do I drift off and keep my awareness together at the same time?' 
Well it's simple, you find a balance of keeping your awareness and not be overly excited simultaneously. Feel as though your drifting off to a 'Mid-State sleep' pivoting on the edge of waking/dreaming and be fully relaxed in the moment with no fear.
This in turn will give you the sleep paralysis state and essentially, if successful will bring a 'wake induced lucid dream'.

What if I fall asleep before?
If you fall asleep before, don't worry! Chances are you will become immediately emersed in a very vivid dream, either instantly realising you're lucid or you'll be very susceptible to being triggered into lucidity. 

Can I combine anything with Galantamine?
There are many different supplements you can combine naturally with Galantamine to give you different levels of high lucidity. 
Thomas Yuschak, author of 'Advanced Lucid Dreaming' 
is a fantastic read to the passionate lucid dreamer and gives you incredible information in how to take Galantamine safely and what works well when combining it with other supplements. 
I will elaborate on this regarding combining supplements in a future blog.

To buy Galantamine/Choline blend- 'Lucid Dreamer' click on picture:

Leave any questions and please follow my blog!
 Thanks and happy dreaming,
Nick Barrett

Oct 3, 2011

How To Lucid Dream...

Wanna Know How It's Done?

OK, so by now you probably know what Lucid Dreaming is BUT what is the best, natural and quickest way in inducing it?

Over the years I have been trying all kinds of weird and wonderful ways in inducing this state… and have had luck in many different ways. The fact of the matter is there is no definite ‘one way solution’ that will please all. That’s not to say however you can’t increase your chances in lucidity with applying the right preparation and correct mind set. With time and dedication you're guaranteed for success. Furthermore you will focus on the techniques that work best for you and improve on this. By having perseverance and focused goals, you will achieve great things.

Preparing For The Journey Ahead!

Of course with any metaphysical journeying that you’re about to embark on, there should be some sort of preparation that needs to be taken into consideration.
It’s like when you’re going on holiday; you wouldn’t just walk out of your front door with no luggage, passport or toothbrush, let alone not having a flight booked! The answer is, of course not, it would never work out! You would always make sure the necessary items and arrangements were organised first before travelling. This is the same type of thing with Lucid Dreaming. Having taken into account the correct preparations and guidelines you will have greatly increased your chances in becoming lucid and will have spectacular vivid adventures.

I have documented a list of preparation guidelines that I’ve used over the years, which I fully live by. Weather you’re an experienced lucid dreamer or not, I believe this list will be a great advantage to you.

Preparation Guidelines

Use a dream journal to document all of your dreams-Daily! (Further detail on this below)

See all life as a dream… Your interactions with people and the situations you encounter. Question your physical reality in how you perceive your day to day life.

Say to yourself throughout the day- ‘Am I Dreaming?’ (Set an hourly bleep on a watch to remind you). Reality check your environment - Jump up and down to see if gravity exists!

Don’t watch T.V./Movies before bed. It makes it incredibly hard to dream!
Plenty of Vitamin B (essential for dreaming)
Eat more fresh fruit and green leafy vegetables
Plenty of regular exercise
Fresh organic fish
Lamb liver
Spirulina (Blue-green algae superfood- high in B12!)
Organic wild salmon
Green Tea (caffeine substitute)
Fresh clean water throughout the day (Mineral)
Ashwagandha (Indian herb)
Brahmi  (Indian Herb)
Freshly squeezed Lemon/honey tea (just add hot water)
Chamomile Tea
Lavender Oil/Jasmine Oil (essential oil drops on pillow at night)
No Alcohol/No Drugs and plenty of rest.
Napping in daytime is also good on occasion!
Lots of meditation when you wake, daytime, and just before bed with setting your intention
Plenty of sun for the Vitamin D & Melatonin (don’t wear sunglasses)
Ground yourself as much as you can during the day. Walk in Nature barefoot!

Please check this link for details on grounding:

The MILD Technique

Many studies over the years have shown which techniques have a bigger success rate than others. The first one I tried was the M.I.L.D technique  (Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams)

The MILD technique employs prospective memory, remembering to do something (notice you're dreaming) in the future.
Dr. LaBerge developed this technique for his doctoral dissertation and used it to achieve lucid dreaming at will. The proper time to practice MILD is after awakening from a dream, before returning to sleep.

Here’s How…

Setup dream recall
Set your mind through intention to awaken from dreams and recall them. When you awaken from a dream, recall it as completely as you can. 

Focus your intent

While returning to sleep, concentrate single-mindedly on your intention to remember to recognize that you're dreaming. Tell yourself: "Next time I'm dreaming, I will remember I'm dreaming," repeatedly, like a mantra. Put real meaning into the words and focus on this idea alone. If you find yourself thinking about anything else, let it go and bring your mind back to your intention. 

See yourself becoming lucid
As you continue to focus on your intention to remember when you're dreaming, imagine that you are back in the dream from which you just awakened (or another one you have had recently if you didn't remember a dream on awakening). Imagine that this time you recognize that you are dreaming. Look for a dreamsign--something in the dream that demonstrates plainly that it is a dream. When you see it say to yourself: "I'm dreaming!" and continue your fantasy. Imagine yourself carrying out your plans for your next lucid dream. For example, if you want to fly in your lucid dream, imagine yourself flying after you come to the point in your fantasy when you become lucid. 

Repeat until your intention is set
Repeat steps 2 and 3 until either you fall asleep or are sure that your intention is set. If, while falling asleep, you find yourself thinking of anything else, repeat the procedure so that the last thing in your mind before falling asleep is your intention to remember to recognize the next time you are dreaming.

For me this particular technique served as a great foundation for my dream studies because it trains your subconscious mind into focussing on an intention. I still use this at times depending on what my body wants.
I believe it is always good to know a few different methods so that you can keep your subconscious mind entertained and varied. You see the subconscious mind prefers things repetitive, simple and clear. When you constantly use the same technique over and over it will adapt and could, not always, work against you. You somehow build a tolerance for the method. So the secret is to use a few of your favourite different methods and alternate them throughout the week. This will prove to be more successful for you.

There are many other methods available and I can't list all of them unfortunately. Instead I will give you a particular method that has served me proud over the years and has given me countless lucid dreams!

Many experienced lucid dreamers know that in the early hours of the morning i.e. 4:00am till 6:00am this is when your brain occupies high levels of serotonin and melatonin. This makes your chances in becoming lucid extremely high!
This particular time in the morning is when our dreams are most vivid and interactive. Studies show that this is when we experience ‘Rapid Eye Movement’ or the ‘R.E.M’ period.

They call this method the ‘wake back to bed method’(WBTB)- with a few minor improvements of my own!

Here is what I do…

Go to bed as normal (preferably 10 pm). Set your intention whilst sat up in bed with closed eyes and clear your mind. 
Say to yourself the following:
‘When I Dream I Will Know I’m Dreaming’ repeatedly for 10/15 minutes.
Allow yourself to sleep for six hours. Set your alarm clock to wake you up at 4:00am.
(You can also train your subconscious mind to wake you up naturally at 4:00am-link below)

After six hours, get out of bed and half wake yourself up (the less lights turned on the better- I use a torch so I don't fully wake up!). Get up and use the toilet if need be, drink a glass of water and occupy your brain with reading about lucid dreaming. I prefer to go back to bed after a quick toilet break and prop myself up with pillows and meditate on the intention which I find is more effective:

(‘When I Dream I Will Know I’m Dreaming…’)

Do this for 20-45 minutes. (Hint: you must get out of bed to begin with!)

Go back to bed or move the pillows back to there original position and lay down to relax.
If your mind is too alert, practice ‘relax breathing’ techniques or meditation (Link below)
You may also use your visualisation skills to place your mind back in the dreamscape and plan your next lucid dream as you fall asleep. The idea is to fall asleep again so try not to get too excited about what will happen, this in turn will work against you. Just try to relax and fall asleep again with the intention in mind.

Link for natural awaken/sleep times without alarm clock

Link for Progressive Relaxation technique

Keeping A Dream Journal

Your dream experiences no matter how big or small should all be placed into a ‘Dream Journal’. At first keeping a journal can be a bit of a chore and you may sometimes forget to write down experiences. However in time you will realise how much of a necessity keeping a dream journal really is, and writing in entries every morning becomes a pleasure!

My journal for me is the most important tool I have… It unlocks all the wondrous secrets of the psyche and 'dream patterns' suddenly emerge. In time you will detect more clearly the symbolic nature of your subconscious mind and what it is communicating to you.
You will be able to identify your ‘dream signs’, anything in particular that is reoccurring and unusual? Maybe a certain childhood memory or location perhaps?

The symbolic nature of our dreams can tell us a huge amount of information. As soon as we put focus on recording our dreams daily, we begin to grow as a human being and not a human doing. Your awareness will grow significantly and will become more and more lucid. I also believe in using a hand written journal and not a computer or dictaphone to record your entries! This is because when we physically write with our hands onto physical paper we make a stronger bond to the subconscious mind. It recognises this much more clearly. 

Studies show that when we write we stimulate the right side of our brain’s hemisphere. This is our creative side, our spiritual side and what connects us to dreaming even more. This is an important note to make; many people have reported increased lucidity by recording their dreams as soon as they awake. Don't wait until the morning. You will include more details if you write it down directly after the dream.

Make sure when you wake that you don’t move from your bed position-moving and then trying to remember will greatly decrease your memory of the dream!
Whilst not moving, say to yourself that you will remember everything from this dream. Now cast your mind back and recall all the events you experienced. When your ready to move pickup your journal and proceed to write it down.

How I Organise My Dream Journal:

Date: (Write the date of the morning you had the dream-the same date as when you awaken)

Time Within Dreamscape: Write down the time it ‘felt’ like in the dream. Obviously time has no meaning in the dream world but it somehow prepares your lucid mind to stay lucid longer.

Trigger: Try and remember the crucial point at what triggered your lucidity. Maybe just before you felt a certain emotion, being chased perhaps a conversation?

Location/Landscape: Describe what landscape surrounds you and what it reminds you of, maybe a type of particular building etc

Spirits/Projections: State who you interacted with? Write down the type of characters that you were communicating with.

Dream Symbols/Objects: Any particular object or weird thing stand out? Any certain colours, animals, a weird structure of some kind, sound?

Emotions: How were you feelings during this dream? What emotion(s) did you experience? What do you feel now you are awake?

Experience: Describe from the beginning your lucid or none lucid dream experience. Use simple and concise wording when writing in your entries.
Always write in the present tense instead of using past tense.
For example, you would write, "I’m walking down this street and I see a man" 
instead of "I walked down this street and saw a man." By writing in the present tense, you will be able to remember even more details of your dreams as you are recording them.

This section can be completed at a later date or the day after if you wish whilst the memory is still fresh in your mind. This is where you can dissect and analyse what your dream was trying to tell you, from the people you met to the perceptions and objects you encountered.
I find underlining the main key words within the experience really helps me when trying to decipher the dream’s encryption. This gives me easy access when quickly referencing my dream meanings.

For example you may have wrote,
“I’m running up a steep hill and I see a red flag which makes me feel happy”

Here is what stands out:

“I’m running up a steep hill and I see a red flag which makes me feel happy”.

This is where you can start to see emerging patterns and symbolic meanings that can be understood. There are many books on dream interpretation and thousands of websites that offer dream meanings. At the end of the day, only you can interpret the true meaning of what you really feel from the experience.

And lastly I place a little box in the top right hand of the page where I write what ‘Type’ of dream it was. This really helps you gage your success rate whilst quickly flicking through your journal. It also pushes you mentally to achieve more if you’re not satisfied with the results.
I use this method of abbreviation when labelling the dream’s type:

(L) ‘Lucid’- Full lucidity is when one is fully conscious that one is dreaming within a dream and recognises the physical body simultaneously coexisting.

(SL) Semi Lucid- is when you’re aware that you’re dreaming but believe that this is the only version of you existing within the present dream. You have no sense of a physical life on Earth and are at risk of re-entering a ‘Non-Lucid’ state.

(NL) ‘Non-Lucid’- is a regular dream. You play out an entire script and are completely unaware that you are dreaming.

(VD) ‘Vivid Dream’- Very much like a 'non-lucid' dream in sense of being unaware one is dreaming but this time everything is completely vivid and real. Your interactions are extremely realistic, your senses are completely heightened and the tactile sensations are extremely mind blowing like waking life.

(OBE) ‘Out Of Body Experience’- is when the spirit (energy body/soul) leaves its physical body and can project outwards to anywhere within the astral planes. (I will make a detailed post regarding this soon!)

Example of my Dream Journal Layout

With all this practising and perfecting always remember to take care and practise Lucid Dreaming responsibly.
Make sure you have enough sleep in between sessions so that when you have a lucid dream you maximise your chances and well being.
REMEMBER-Your body is no use to anyone or anything if you deprive it of sleep!

In future posts I will touch on the following matters:

‘Lucid Dreaming Supplements’
‘Spirit guides that can help you on your travels’
‘Now you're lucid, how can you stay lucid for longer?’
‘Astral Projection/O.B.E’

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Many thanks fellow lucid astronauts…

Peace & Blessed Dreaming,