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May 15, 2013

Loop and Swing method

Last night I tried a new technique that I instinctively took on as a method of coming out of my body. 'Out of body' can also be termed as Astral Projection or Astral travel. Please research these if you've not already heard of this phenomena before.

The reason why I call it the 'Loop and Swing method' is because I used a visualisation of a pair of rings (the one's that gymnasts use) that can be quite literally swung on! Going round in a circular motion will provide the perfect energy which is needed for a successful AP/OBE induction.

How to use the Loop and Swing method

STEP ONE- After 4-6 hours of rested sleep, get up around 4am and use the bathroom if need be. Keep lights down to a minimum. Eat one strawberry for the copper intake. Go back to bed, lay on back and 

STEP TWO- Stretch your spine and tense muscles in legs and release any tension. Relax and take some slow deep breaths. Now set your intention to have an OBE. Say a few times to yourself: "I now Astral Project" or something similar. Whilst having your eyes closed, try to imagine now seeing through them, (as if you had transparent eyelids). Notice any patterns and shadowy swirls that may come into your vision.

STEP THREE- Now imagine hanging on by your hands onto the two gym rings (focus above your head and attached to the ceiling). Feel the gripping of the hands onto the metal rings as real as you can. Once this visualisation is strong in your mind, in a clockwise motion, begin by circulating your bedroom. Start off slow and with consistent speed revolutions. After a short period, you should sense something being altered or stretched within your physical being. Don't worry this is normal. Your energy body is becoming loosened to your physical body and is preparing to expand outwards. Keep with this motion of circular movements and observe anything out the ordinary. Don't get distracted though, be the observer.

STEP FOUR- Speed up now your circular revolutions, so that your energy body can be greatly energised for the jump. (Please note, we need to create as much energy as possible if we are to leave our bodies successfully) Imagine swirling round you bedroom faster than light speed. Sounds and sensations may enter your being, this is to be expected. Go with it and don't fight it! An element of surrender and trust is needed. Keep going and don't stop. When it reaches the pivotal point, the circular motion will have stopped by itself naturally and a moment of pure stillness will be now observed. 

You are officially between worlds. Well done! Now you may use your desired exit technique. For example, imagine rolling out of bed, floating upwards or just get up and go etc! ENJOY YOUR ASTRAL TRAVELS!!!

Comment below if this works for you, please share and let me know your experiences ;-)

Happy Dreaming,
Nick Barrett