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Mar 19, 2013

Meet your Spirit Guide Workshop

I am proud to announce the confirmed dates of my latest weekend workshop!


This will be a great how to meet your spirit guide workshop weekend with a lot of fun exercises including 'lucid (spirit guide) dream' techniques and deep meditations. 

When: June 14th-16th 2013

Where: Parsonage Side Retreat (UK)

All bookings are going through the new Meetup group for Alwayz Lucid. For more details please click here:  LINK

Mar 12, 2013

3 Day Intensive Course- Meet your Spirit Guide Coming Soon!

Proudly Presents...

Yes that's right! I'm proud to announce an all NEW intensive course for those who wish to truly find their Spirit Guide through Lucid Dreaming.

Exact dates and Location are soon 'to be confirmed' at this stage. I'm aiming to release this NEW  weekend workshop multiple times throughout the summer within the UK. The Secret Location will be set in rural nature amongst wild plants and enchanted woodlands. Full board accommodation and healthy food will be included into the cost. I plan to launch this new programme ideally from May 2013. Price TBC.

At this stage, 15 spaces will only be made available because the programme is designed for more of a personalised and intensive coaching. So together, on a one-to-one level and as a small group, we'll be able to dig deep into our subconscious minds and connect with our Spirit Guides even more. 

The programme activities will consist of, (to name a few) Spirit Guided Meditations, Understanding SGLD & the use of Dream Herbs, Dream Exploration with a Spirit Guide, SGLD Dream Techniques and Tutorials, Intention Exercises, Breathing and Muscle Relaxation Techniques, Expanding Awareness in Nature, Clearing our Dream Channels, QiGong Exercises, Group Wake-Back-To-Bed method and much more!

By the end of the weekend, each participant will walk away with the absolute knowledge and confidence in how to connect with their Spirit Guide through Dream & Wake. The Programme will consist of a 24 hr, around the clock training and support programme (as some of the crucial coaching is within the middle of the night). There will also be some downtime as well so you and your Guide can really kick back and relax! Don't worry, you'll feel completely rested yet extremely connected to your Spirit! 

You will be completely immersed within the 'Spirit Frequency' which we will all  manifest and create together as a group. This will be ever so important when being able to hear our Guide's messages and presence

All levels of Dreaming ability welcome ;-)

If you have any questions regarding my new upcoming workshop please feel free to email me at